What is it like to work at a startup?

Hey everyone, greetings of the day. Welcome to my area of creativity. So today we will see what exactly it is like to work at a startup. Now by a startup here, I mean a very small startup that is in its initial days that has a product idea, has a plan and is trying to make a mark in the market. By God’s grace, I have been blessed to work in a startup something like this and so I have decided why not share this wonderful experience to all the lovely people around.

What will you be working on?

You never know what you will be working on. You may be hired for backend but after some days or months you will find yourself using jQuery for an animation.You constantly are learning, you have a small team and the project needs to be completed. You will know your limits and most importantly you get to know how well you can push your limits. You UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL. You yourself may be surprised by the skills you have acquired, your time management, your problem solving and thinking skills. You are not bound by any boundary, you have the freedom to explore every single technology your company uses.

The thing I find interesting the most is that you are valued. You have a voice. Your opinions matter. You may be the person who joined just 2 months ago as an intern and now you are giving feedback on the architecture of the project and your feedback is NOT underestimated.

The experience you get at a startup is invaluable.

A college CS degree — what is that?

When applying for a startup you never need to think that you will not be interviewed if you don’t have a CS degree. Startups are only concerned about people that are willing to work hard (Obviously for less pay) so they doubt about hiring people from non-IT streams and trust me you can never differentiate between a CS person and a self — learnt developer while they work. I had this one colleague who had done her majors in commerce, she had learned coding from her husband and put in a lot of effort in learning and applied for the company, got selected and is working wonders for the company.

Who are my colleagues? What are they going to be like?

You will get your best colleagues at a startup — people who are focused, people who know a lot, people with a mission in their life and people who have loads of motivation filled in them. You are stuck somewhere, you have a person helping you out. You are stuck, you have a person motivating you. It is not necessary that people will always be able to help you out but they do give it a try. You will always be surprised when you look around and see the expertise that you are surrounded by. You will see people of your age group whom you can share and relate with. The founder, co-founders and the initial members will always inspire you because they have a great thing in themselves that have enabled them to take this path on entrepreneurship.

Pay scale?

Yes let’s discuss the downside too and the very first is the pay scale that you get. It is very less to be honest. They try to give a percent equity share but you will get the benefit of it only after the company flourishes and is making a high quality net worth. If you aim for a high paying job, this is definitely not the right choice for you. However, if you aim on getting on a business it may be partially good for you.

This is just my personal experience and It may highly differ from person to person. It may be good for some people, it may be bad for some but I really think, if you get a chance, go get your hands dirty at a startup don’t measure its success now because you never know when the tables turn.

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have enjoyed it. If you have worked at a startup, do let us know your experience in the comments. Drop a like to get me motivated. Lots of love.

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